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The International Day for the Unreached is all about equipping you to take a stand on behalf of those who have yet to hear the gospel.

Whether you’re an individual believer, a church representative or a part of Christian media, we want to equip you with a full set of resources to help you spread the word.

All of these resources are completely free.  Please download and share anything you like in any way the Lord leads.  We only ask that you acknowledge International Day for the Unreached as the sources of these free resources.

Download all resources

Or you can download individual resources below.

Bulletin Insert PDF

Filled with factsBulletin Insert PDF to educate and motivate, this is a greatfree  tool for your church to use on June 4, (Pentecost Sunday and the International Day for the Unreached)



As followers of Christ, we need to know more about the needs and opportunities related to those who have never heard the name of Jesus.  This list of frequently asked questions will help educate and inspire you to take a stand on their behalf.


Facebook Cover Image (JPG)

Download this image to advocate the cause of the unreached to you Facebook friends and community.


The Great Commission Action Guide

This is an incredible resources for anyone who wants to learn four simple principles for reaching others with the Good News.  Download and share this free resource, and be inspired to share Christ.


Manifesto for the Unreached (PDF)

The Manifesto for the Unreached is a spiritual line in the sand that says, “We as followers of Christ will do our part to change eternity for those have not met him.”  Let it change your heart for people around the world.


Social Media Profile Image (JPG)

Add your voice through social media.  You can download this free cover image and use it to start a dialogue with your social media community.  Start a spiritual fire with friends, family and other believers to join the movement.


Promo Video (MP4)

Share the video with your church, friends, family to inspire them to act on behalf of the unreached.


Sermon Outline (PDF)

Here’s a powerful message outline you can use to inspire and motivate your congregation to take a stand for the lost.


Web Banners (ZIP)

To promote the International Day for the Unreached on your website, download free web banners here.